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About Alaskan Aircraft Engines, Inc.

Here's what you get with an Alaskan Aircraft Engines, Inc. Seven Star Series Custom Rebuilt Engine!

Built on the Alsworth 60 years of Alaskan aviation pride to exacting high quality:

  • Complete disassembly, physical inventory and thorough cleaning
  • Documented inspection and non-destructive testing from certified personnel
  • New cylinder kits (of your choice) inspected, tested and machined prior to installation on engine
  • Automatic replacement of all listed items in AAESB #98-4-1 or AAESB #98-4-2
  • Automatic replacement of all parts not meeting mnimum and maximum dimensions as denoted in published "Service Table of Limits". New parts from manufacturer for factory remanufactured aircraft engines
  • All connecting rods and pistons weighed and balanced during build-up process
  • Choice of accessories (added costs may be involved)
  • Engine log book with current AD compliance and Total Time noted
  • Same recommended TBO as published in Continental SIL 98-9C and Lycoming SI 1009AW
Specializing in engine overhaul since 1977
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