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Alaskan Aircraft Engines

aircraft mechanicsAlaskan Aircraft Engines, Inc. has offered complete engine overhaul since its establishment by John Alsworth in 1977. Our work is unsurpassed in the industry!

Individual engine components are inspected, selected and installed by our mechanics with the certain knowledge, experience and technical aptitude necessary for each individual type of engine. The benefits of AAE engines are evidenced by reliability, dependability and consistency.

Workmanship is backed by a warranty second to none in the industry. All rebuilt engines meet or exceed limits specified by the manufacturer and all applicable Airworthiness Directives are complied with during the overhaul process. With engine work done in house and our individual attention given to details, we have a quality control that we are proud to guarantee.


Offering a full range of aircraft repair services including:

  • Complete engine overhaul
  • Complete in house accessory overhaul
  • Engine removal and installation
  • Required nondestructive inspection for engine overhaul, including ultrasound, magnetic particle and liquid penetrant inpsections

We are located on Merrill Field Airport for your convenience. This allows you to fly in and drop off your aircraft for repair or inspection. Our goal is to help you eliminate downtime and keep you in the air.

TCM authorized distributor
Local service available

Lycoming engine on test stand

Specializing in engine overhaul since 1977
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