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To request an engine quote, please email Include the following information: your name and phone number, engine model, type of work you'd like done, and any other applicable information. An office member will contact you about your request!

With over 40 years of engine overhaul experience, our customers can be assured that our team has their back. Engine components are always inspected, selected, and installed with the necessary knowledge, experience, and technical aptitude required for each individual type of engine. Our work is backed by reliability, dependability, consistency, and a warranty second to none. All rebuilt engines meet or exceed limits specified by the manufacturer, and all applicable Airworthiness Directives are complied with during the overhaul process. Our engine work is done in house, which allows us to give our individual attention to all the details. We have a quality control that we are proud to guarantee. 

Our shop also performs propstrike inspections, overspeed inspections and repairs with the same care and quality that is used with our engine overhauls.

We also have the capability to exchange engines with our customers in order to eliminate as much downtime as possible. Call our office at (907) 272-3581 to discuss availability and options. For all exchange engines, we require a core. Our core policy for engines is as follows: 

Our prices are based on an undamaged core that must have a repairable crankcase and crankshaft* or an additional charge will be used. The core must be a current production and is subject to applicable AD's and Service Bulletins. The core should be in an "as-removed" condition and must be returned with like parts, baffling, magnetos, starter, fuel injection or carburetor. The cost to replace missing, non-repairable or unusable components will be borne by the customer at our discretion. 

* Major components of the core must be in repairable condition (heavy crankcase, VAR crankshaft).

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